Ultimate Overkill || 8 motor AWD Concept

Warning: Made purely because the parts were in front of me and I thought it would be funny/awesome.

No plans to ever make or try this unless someone wants to commission a $5k board that is the complete opposite of simple :wink:

motor plates could be made with 4/5mm steel or cf

Just for fun some numbers:

1 esk8 motor 1.5 - 3kw x 8 = 12 - 24kw Electric Skateboard. = 16 - _32 h_p (about the hp of a ninja 300cc twin motorcycle)

avg eboard weight 15-20lb x2 for motors/elec/xl batt = 30 - 40lb 1 to 1 power weight is possible (without rider of course)

with rider (me) + 150lb = 190lb 190lb/30hp = 6.33lb/hp

for reference super/hypercars have power to weight of 3-4 lb/hp track/race cars 1.5-3 lb/hp


If I say please will you make it? :slight_smile:

Just saying you’d prob be internet famous if you did. That’s the best kind of famous


This looks very interesting. I like where this is going. How were you planning on routing the belt? If you intend to just use a longer belt and also engage the back pinion pulley you are reducing the number of engaged teeth on the wheel pulley drastically, only engaging the top and bottom of it.


DO IIIIIIT!!! :joy:

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Do it!

And that one motor looks familiar :wink:

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why not use some tandem axle ?


Tandem axles with 8 hub motors!!!


You know, 4WD just isn’t cutting it for me these days. I guess it’s time for 8wd… @chaka, I need an 8wd vesc… haha, I can’t even imagine what 8wd would feel like. It literally took me a few weeks to get used to 4wd hubs, as the torque wanted to throw me on my butt. But 8wd?

I still want to make an 8wd with one of those tank style belts instead of wheels for plowing up mountains in the snow. Could you imagine going to a resort and flying up the mountain instead of buying a lift ticket…

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8 wheel drive is cute, but 36 wheel drive and tank treads is where it’s at. :imp: I’ve been hoping someone would try powering one of these.



That look nice for canadian winter :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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wish I could, maybe one day :thinking:

those treads work surprisingly well

also the look on the guys face on the rockboard amz page

I was also thinking of a 12 motor version using 4 hubs + this 8 belt drive. all just for science :nerd:


Tank tracks!

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maybe something like this. 8/10mm pitch double sided poly/steel belts


saul i am intrested in the build pm me for some kickstarting talk with me totes love the design might need you two build us a pair one for each of us talk to me email is [email protected]