Ultimate VESC Controller with OLED

Hey ESK8ers,

I created this thread to document progress on the VESC remote I am making. It will be fully open sourced once I have finished and tested it. Waiting on an NRF right now :disappointed:

Anyway here are the specs: NRF24L01 for communication 0.96" OLED Display showing speed, battery data etc Custom 3D printed case Thumb wheel mechanism I designed to attach to a cheap joystick

Here are some pictures of the progress so far:

The code is RollingGecko’s, he deserves all of the credit for the software side of things. I have designed the trigger mechanism and the case for the whole thing. I will be releasing the case and trigger designs in the future under a CC license that allows you to make them and even sell them as long as you credit me (would love some input if this CC license exists).

Peace guys, and I hope to have some updates as soon as Yanwen deliver the NRF. Feel free to make some suggestions or ask any questions down below.


Are you going to use an arduino nano for communiction with the nrf?

Yes, the Arduino nano is connected to the OLED and NRF

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Is there a was to do it with arduino pro minis? I tried it but as soon as i tell the programmer i want to upload the code to a arduino mini it will not compile without errors…


Looks like a slightly larger benchwheel remote

@lox897 will it be possible to customize the remote more with switches for turning on lights, turn signals, brakes, I want an ultimate esk8 remote

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Yeah I designed it based on the benchwheel remote


I believe RollingGecko used minis at the start. Pretty sure you had to change something in the code for the minis.

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RollingGecko hasn’t implemented that feature yet, but I’ll look over the code when I find time and see if I can figure out how to put that in. Anyone on the forum know a bit about Arduino and NRF communication?


Something like that is definitely possible. Vedder has some vode in place to handle turn signals and brake lights. For anything more than that the standard VESC firmware would have to be modified or there would have to be an control board (Arduino or something) that would go in between the VESC and NRF module that would handle the extras and then forward everything else onto the VESC.

I’ve done some. Are you looking for something specific?



Will the electronics support custom modification like extra switches on remote for LED lighting?


The other thing I would LOVE is a bluetooth connection in the remote (not for the main connection to the VESC but to connect to other devices like a phone). This would allow those who only have a single motor setup to get full telemetry recording and use the cool apps and video overlay type things.


Ha sorry its 4am here in Germany so I was too tired to see :sweat_smile:


I think the functions that are most needed in the "Ultimate remote: would be: -switch legs for -Turn signals -brake light -front beam lights -underglow board light -servo leads external disk brake and other fun and a beginner switch so friends can try your board


I don’t think the UART port will work with two communication modules. Maybe one on the master and one on the slave VESC?

How reliable can we expect the NRF24L01 to be?

I’m sure it’ll work. You just have it forward any requests to the vesc and then back to the Bluetooth device. That was the premise of the nunchuck controller that @jacobbloy was working on about a year ago (ended poorly for non-technical reasons…its not worth looking up)

With the amplified antenna module I have, its been quite reliable, but full disclosure, my NRF connection died on me about a week ago…and hasn’t come back (ie it wasn’t just a short dropout)… I’m still working on it. I think my vesc has an issue, but I’m not sure yet.

If you are pairing an app and a Bluetooth remote the remote and phone are the ones searching and connecting to the module on the vesc so you can use both but not at the same time.

Using both vesc work. You can’t use nrf and uart at the same time sadly. This is the reason why I chose to use Bluetooth for the remote.

Benjamin hasn’t worked on it for a long time but his remote works great if using genuine chips on the nrf boards. I would like to just use 1 of the micro ppm or sbus receivers that I use every day for FPV quads and they support telemetry. The benifit is you have binding protocols that work great like AFHDS Used by flysky and the Frsky protocols. You can buy a 4in1 diy module from banggood that has support to connect to over 22 different RC receivers and has telemetry support. That youcan use on any hobby receiver. It’s also 100% opensource so based on arduino so that you can implement it your self.

Then add simple analog to ppm code to the arduino code,

you can then add upto 16 analog switches and buttons or pots.

These analog signals get inputed into the multiprotocole modle code ppm input it then sends it to the RC receiver.

If I get time I’ll try and join the 2 code structures that that the 1 arduino board just has a few analog inputs and then there is no need for the ppm input.

Also you don’t need to have all 4 RF modules you can simply choice one.