Ultimate VESC enclosure with carbon fiber mount


Its an aluminium enclosure which acts as a heat sink and houses all major vesc’s!! Polished lid with optional window, carbon wrap to match the carbon mount


awesome, nice work!!

Thank you.

Hi! Just wondering if these are available to order? And can they be made in diff sizes? If so, how do proceed? My email is [email protected] Or call/ text 516-425-1431. Thanks, Jason

i already sent him a bunch of pm and i have had no replies. it has been 7 days

That s*cks! I was just redoing a build and it’s been hard to find nice enclosures bc the kit that I ordered came with an enclosure, which is way too big and way too heavy… Once I saw this it looks exactly like something I was picturing. Do you know if he was just showing it off or was this something he was advertising? Thanks though! Jason

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I was guessing he wanted to sell them, hence my pm. but looks like i am wrong. he has been inactive for 7days so idk :tipping_hand_man:

look here

https ://shop.3dservisas.eu/collections/cases just remove the space after https. they make good looking ones too, but i have to say this one with the lights is a show off

Im sorry dude i just seen your message, im glad you like it, i do make them to order. Let me know what size you have in mind but this size houses all major vesc, Let me know if i can help. [email protected]

Here are you based

They are works of art my friend