Unable to run 2 motors with CAN

Hi everyone!

I just broke my mini remote so I changed to VX1. I did the configuration and got it working good, but I realized that on the VESC tool I was using (Ackmaniac version), the traction control was only working for PPM.

So I decided to upgrade to the last VESC tool version, and at the same time upgrade my VESC (Flipsky Dual 6.6) firmware that was 2 years old to the last (5.2).

I did all the configurations again, but never could make the 2 motors working at the same time with the remote. Both are working, but only one at a time, depending on which UART port of my ESC the receiver is plugged.

Since the interface of the VESC tool is different from the one I was used too (before I configured the master and then the slave, and now it seems to be working threw CAN bus), and with many new options, I am not sure if I missed something.

I precise that the CAN switch on my ESC is on, and there is a small difference in the name of the firmware for both sides of the ESC (both are 5.2 version, but one says 3F and the other one says 44). I tried different ways for firmware configuration (threw CAN, with USB on both sides, only on one side…). At one moment the VESC tool told me that the 2 versions had to be the same and the last ones to get it working, so I upgraded the firmwares again threw CAN on both sides at same time but there is still a difference in the firmware names so I guess it is normal.

I’m not sure I have been clear enough, let me know if you need more information. Any help is welcome.

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Okay, I got it resolved, what I did was this:

  • turn CAN switch of the VESC off
  • configure app for first VESC
  • configure app for second VESC with exactly the same options.

No idea if it helped on something but I also put CAN status message mode to CAN_STATUS_1.

I don’t know if everybody than runs dual has to do it the same way but i found it way more confusing than it use to be with the old VESC Tool I was using.

I also wanted to point out that the VESC Tool is a wonderful tool, but has so many options, that even with the help displayed on the “?” on the right, it is hard to understand everything for people like me that is not used to programing. Maybe most of the people using e-skates actually is used too…I don’t know.

For example what does it change if I change CAN status rate, CAN baud rate, CAN status message mode, UAVCAN ESC index, UAVCAN throttle mode?

Would it be interesting to have a simplified version with the most used options for people searching for more simplicity and not messing up choosing wrong options? I know there are many well done tutorials around, but as there are more and more e-skaters, maybe a more plug n play tool could be nice…

I actually like the VESC tool as it is, but can look super confusing for some.

The UUID is not part of the firmware version, it’s your password if you accidentally or intentionally “pair” the ESC with the Tool. No other tool/computer/phone will connect to it wirelessly unless you have that UUID.


  • save those numbers or
  • don’t ever set Pairing Done to True or
  • use a USB cable

This is an anti-hacking security measure

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There is enough material here to fill up an entire university course.

Set Multiple ESCs Over CAN option to True on the ESC that the remote is connected to.

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Despite I didn’t get all you said before, that sounded obvious to me and was set to true since the begining.

That’s what I did’nt really get… I was making connexion threw serial USB and Pairing done was set to false.

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