Underboard Lighting using Chroma LED driver

Do you know any others regulators that handles >44.4V and gives output of 3.3V and <50mA

Did you show all 5 modes of that chroma board in the video?

I wonder what other ‘‘effects’’ there are besides that ‘‘pulsing’’ and ‘‘falling dot’’ effect :slight_smile:

@ElskerShadow I don’t see the need post a wiring diagram, it could not be simpler. Power goes to the Chroma, power from the Chroma to LEDs and one additional wire for the signal. Labelled on Chroma and LED strips.

@Okami I 3d printed an enclosure for the Chroma in flexible material, this allows me to press the button from the outsite. I also put a hole in the design which I filled in with hot glue so that I could still see the green LED on the Chroma. You can make this out in the first video.

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I’d be interested too if you find one…

Here’s one, says 48V. Not sure if it requires 48V constant but I would assume it has a fairly big window of input voltage.

Banggood - DC/DC 48V To 12V 10A 120W Reducer Converter Regulator Waterproof Power Voltage

You could then step it down again using another regulator. I have no idea if there’s any issues doing two step downs in series.

Good find…This is becoming a lot more work for some flashy lights though…

Another good reason for running low voltage :slight_smile: (6s)

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No, I meant that I read that this Chroma driver has 5 modes… as you didnt really see any ‘‘text description’’ for your video… I just wanted to know, whenever you went through all of them…

Ah, I see what you mean. I did click through them in the first video, but I didn’t zoom out in all of them. Check out the review below, he goes through the board features in more detail.

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This link has a good wiring diagram:

Also, the driver board takes up to 4s (16.8volts) so no need for such extremme voltage reduction from high voltage packs

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So this might be cool to add for some and I may try it on my buildt http://jamie2015.en.ec21.com/DIY_Aluminum_Extrusion_Flexible_LED--9753214_10175297.html some flexible extrusions would be a nice solid piece to put under your board to keep a clean look instead of the taping or glueing of LED’s to the bottom of the board. :slight_smile:

I’m going to run a router along the sides and recess the LEDs - probably…

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@RogerD Great idea, also good for running cabling. I used copper tape instead of normal wiring for most of it, so it looks tidier.

it is cool, but I think the ws2813b or the sk6822 is much more stable with the dual signal ic, when one led broken the other led still works(will not influence the signal transfer)

There is probably a good reason why this wouldn’t work but could this step down the voltage in one go for us with 10s?


I have found there are some dc12v pixel strips http://addressable-led.com/Products/LC8808-LED-Strip.html so i can use the bigger battery and can use for a longer time, but what type of controller protocol should I choose for the lc8808 ?