Underboard Lighting using Chroma LED driver

I’ve been thinking of adding underboard lighting to my board for a while but never saw a solution I liked.

I then came across the Chroma LED driver which was designed for racing quads, but works a treat on my board. It’s limited to controlling 25 sequential LEDs, but can run up to 50 so I ran two lots of 25 in parallel.


Post how you did it, I’m really interested. What equipment did you use and what code?

That’s a very cool light show! Was thinking about this as well, but was thinking about a arduino nano or something like that.

Would love to know how you did this.

The Chroma has everything built in, I bought it from the site below. I had to buy a 6S to 12V voltage regulator as wasn’t sure if the Chroma could take such a high voltage. I then bought a 60 LED 1M WS2812B strip from Ebay which i cut into 2 x 25 LED strips.



That’s awesome, did you hook it up straight to your battery I’m assuming then? How’d you do that?

I cant seem to find the Chroma LED Controller in the US. Does anyone no of an addressable WS2812B LED controller that has multiple modes & colors, that is available in the US? I really dont know anything about these LED’s but I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile now.

I used a 12V regulator, the Chroma has a 5V regulator built in, but I didn’t think it could take 6S ~24V.

Could I use a Mosfet LM317T? Or some mosfet like this that enter 40V and outoput 12v?

Love to see a vid of the light pattern this casts as you ride - great work

right, but is the regulator hooked up straight to the XT90 (or whatever connector) coming off the battery pack, or did you use a splitter and then another splitter (if using a dual motor)?

That should work fine, but Linear voltage regulators are not as efficient as switching regulators which I used. I used the one below (it’s an affiliate link, are those allowed here?). http://eu.banggood.com/Wholesale-Warehouse-3A-UBEC-Module-Low-Ripple-Bluesky-Mini-Switch-Mode-DC-BEC-5V-12V-2-6S-Supply-wp-Eu-993056.html?p=RV04089380152014121B

@jimbosays I have a wire coming off the XT60s connector going to the above voltage regulator, with the positive going through a switch. This was an additional wire tagged on the outside of the connector, the inside was taken up by the lower guage wiring to the ESC.

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I didn’t know drivers like that existed for ws2812. I like how they use the micro buck converters on the back. should be good for about 22v.

Adafruit might be the way to go. Plenty of guides, LED strips, controllers and code libraries here:

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Cool, I’ll give it a look. thanks

Here it is in action. The fimware seems to have an issue with two LEDs not lighting up in pulse mode, works perfect is all other modes. I’ve let them know so hopefully this gets fixed in future.


I’m using that library with the attiny85 for my lights, they are the same ws2812 addressable rgbs.

Nice. I’ve ordered all the bits :slight_smile: chroma, leds, ubec

Thanks for the info, looks pretty and it looks to be easy with the Chroma board. On my todo, but first I need to get a board rollin’ hehe

For those who like a parts list:


I bought 1m 60 LED waterproof

An obviously the Chroma board - I bought it from the direct link in this thread.

I’ll use a 12v toggle switch which I’ll recess into the tail of my board

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Is it possible to show the connection and how to set up the system ? How do you control the LEDS?

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