Unik Mount - Could someone help me out with some dimension?

I’m trying to build out my whole board setup in Solidworks so I know everything will fit just as intended. I’m intending to press a few custom decks but want to ensure I have enough motor mount clearance for any weight rider.

If anyone out there that owns the Unik (or LHB) core series motor mounts help me with a few dimensions from them? 2018-11-17%2016_02_31-SOLIDWORKS%20Professional%202018%20x64%20Edition%20-%20%5BSketch1%20of%20Rayne_Assembly%20_%5D


@okp could help I expect. Or try the website

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I took some measurement to design a belt cover for the unik mount, might not be ultra accurate but here is what i got.

Distance from the center of the hanger axle to the extremity of the mount : 105mm Width (heigth, diameter or whatever) at the widest (the mount sides aren’t parallel) : 50mm

For the gap it would depend on your baseplate angle i guess, i haven’t measured it yet but i can check tomorrow if you want. It’s currently mounted on a 44° baseplate.

EDIT : For the 44° baseplate, the gap is about 7mm