Unik smart series kegel pulley & mounts - group buy

Here ya go ! strong and light - AL7075 anodized - Shipping worldwide

  • Caliber 2 Adjustable motor mount
  • Kegel Pulley 32T 15mm

link : http://www.unikboards.com/group-buy/

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What is the price ?

Can you make some 34T kegal ?

everything is on the link; the group buy is managed directly on it. I could, but you need to buy … 20 at least otherwise they will cost you A LOT !

so how exactly is this a group buy?

if you want to join, just order on the site. Once we got the 20 units; I launch the production.

hey there ! don’t hesitate to join the group buy. Once I get 20 pieces, I launch the order. Get yours!

few slots are open ! get yours before I launch the production.


only few slots are open before I launch the production of the SMART SERIES. Worldwide shipping.


For those who want to get a mount+pulley combo, I will add and drop for FREE in the package a NOLOGO switchblade riser pad. That’s a 20 euros gift :slight_smile:


Is it really 21.00 Euros for shipping to Can or US ? Or 6.70€ ??

gimme your adress by PM, I will quote you. What does the website once logged gives you?