UNiK truck riser with integrated space for 5.5mm bullet connectors

I originally ordered 2 just in case, but I only ended up using 1.

same thing as what I used on my build here

To be clear, this is 1 mount, and DOES NOT included the bullet connectors or any kind of wiring.


The other one is for sale --saves you a ton in shipping from France.

$22 shipped to the 48. (im in San Diego, so can meet up and knock $5 off shipping.)

from the site, unbranded, single riser with space for 5.5mm female bullet connector. https://www.unikboards.com/en/boutique/no-logo-riser-pad-set-special-esk8/?wmc-currency=USD


this is now sold.

Forgot to call dibs :rofl:

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Shipped out riser today.