Unikboards group buy - trampa mounts/angled risers/mbs matrix pro mounts


if any interest I can organize a group buy as we did for the smart series for those who are looking to a similar build and/or looking for mountainboard mounts (either Trampa or MBS Matrix Pro).

This time I’m looking to produce in precision milled AL7075 black anodizing:

  • 35° angled risers for Trampa Vertigo trucks
  • Dual motor mount for Trampa Vertigo trucks
  • 60T wheel mount pulleys 15mm
  • Dual motor mount for Matrix MBS PRO trucks

Let me know who’s interested; idea would be to get around 20pcs (which is like 10 dual mounts) so we can get a good price.

Image speaks more than words

Happy riding !


I might be interested in a set. What’s the price?

hey mate, dunno yet; I’m looking to see how many people would be in and then raise a quote. If that’s fair, we’ll move forward !

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by the way, I will be posting photos of the parts soon. Just didn’t have time to take photos yet (except on the build)

Cool count me in. @unik

Are you actually doing any jumps in this setup or mostly just for riding?

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I could do jumps, the only challenge is the weight… here I went for 12S6P which is overkill. This also adds to the 3D printed box with integrated plastic inserts/hubs that I have stratified with carbon !

I was able to jump on my trampa so here that’s also achievable. The feeling of riding short board brings a lot of adrenaline to the game!

nice… 12s6p lol that’s a beast… how much does your setup weigh? how tall? almost 2"

@unik make a sign up sheet via google.

Or someone do it for him

great idea Michael !!! let me look how to make this

here it goes


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Now… git er done! Lol

I will measure that for you; wheels are 200m; but I managed to get the angled riser to the lowest level possible to match a 35° angle. Yeah 12S6P is overkill but it’s still manageable.

thanks! the mount are compatible with trampa channel trucks which are infinite, vertigo… so put the number of mounts in the columns.I will also share with you the design pictures of each parts.

Hey, it seems the some people are having challenges replying to this thread; just don’t know why. Good thing is that they can still read and access the XLS file to add themselves to the journey !

As promised, here are a few shots of the parts. This is the 3D view as the only prototypes I have for the 35° riser and Trampa mounts are on my board (I still can take real photos of them if you want).


don’t forget to add yourself to the XLS file if you are interested.


This setup looks super sweet! How else does it feel like when riding? … not accounting it might be very ‘‘snappy’’ and turny I suspect…

Other than that… looks like a real ‘‘mini tank’’ under your feet! :smiley: @unik Have you considered using smaller size pneumatics for such board size?

It looks like the wheels + angled riser brings up the board quite high off the ground… + do you really feel the need for the big wheels in city environment?

… as it does not look like your 1st choice / interest might be to ride this board in the park / unpaved pathes of some forest road… more like mixed terrain, maybe on roads with some gravel, loose rock roads… shitty pavement…

Personally, my ‘dream’ would be to build such ‘‘hybrid’’ board, using wheels something like these:

Just not 100% sure how it would look :slight_smile:

hey everyone, sorry for the standby on this. In fact I was improving the actual parts (I can’t stop continuous improvements)

I am actually consolidating the quotes to make it more clear for everyone. Before this, I need to run a batch of prototypes (i.e two pcs of each) to ensure that everything is perfect before moving to 20pcs.

I will be also releasing two kinds of 66T wheel drivers on 17mm (I added 2mm to ensure enough coverage)

  • a CORE one with a 28mm bearing for Trampa trucks for Trampa hubs/wheels (because the trampa truck axle is widder)
  • a SMART one that fits either Trampa trucks or Matrix MBS 2 trucks with Trampa hub/wheels.

This is the CORE version as a sneak peek.

You will also see on the updated parts that I went to something more luxury, smooth edges, bevels and so on; but to be honest, I’m doing that for pleasure. It may be cheaper to get simple raw parts but I prefer to go the “luxury” way, especially because these parts will last for a while :slight_smile:

I now need to find the funds to make the last prototypes which are hella expensive but that’s the price to pay to avoid any overcommitment and a sexy delivery on time.

Stay tuned, in the next days I will be sharing with you the prices for the parts. In parallel, I will find some funding to move forward.


yeah, I did try the Trampa slick tires but I enjoy so much the actual 8 inches setup that I may stick to this

Am interested… Can you source freebord bindings? Am regretting selling my freebord so cheap now. Freebord charge a fortune. Would be interested to see how much shipped to Australia, would like to make my truncated tesseract convertible between Street and all terrain Pulley work for any trampa hub?

@unik - will the motor mount work for any trampa truck - pulley for any trampa wheel?