Unikboards Single Drive [190KV | 29" | VESC | METR]

Wanted a small, long range and fast board I could use once in a while when I wanted to go out to the stores over the friends or when I needed to travel fast and small.

Decided I wanted a 29" Deck and the one from Unik looked like a solid choice.

I also didn’t want anything really expensive so a single drive would have to do

Heres the part list once everything is paid for:

Unik 29" Deck. (With their seal and enclosure) Caliber II Trucks Orangatang Kegels 80a DIY 10s3p 9ah 30Q 60Amp Battery Eskating.eu 190KV 6374 Motor TorqueBoards Mount Cheapo eBay mounting kit for wheels and pulley. Vicious grip Enertion Focbox And Anti-spark loop + anti spark switch. Metr Bluetooth Module.

So far I’m at a rideable stage, using TB Vesc and a Meepo Board battery.

The deck arrived with flaws, so waiting for a replacement once it arrives I’m ready to shred the streets until the real parts arrives.

Will update once i do some work to it.


I like how short and clean your setup is. Btw, what’s that red thing you strapped to the rear truck?

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rear light

Small led light i got with a board once.

I’ve never seen one like that before, do you know where I can get it?

I really hope you’re not letting those insides rattle around loose in that enclosure…

Doubled sided tape, and custom cut foam is on the outside of it holding it all in place :slight_smile:

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No idea to be honest, but its not good a cheapo bike light would work just as good.

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Very clean looking board

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Not a huge update, but got a new soldering iron so starting to solder the wires for the riser channels now.

Just waiting on the parts.

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Love the look 10/10 for travel.

Just went ahead and finished most of it this week, still, need an anti-spark button but I have another project I need to focus some money on and still waiting for the replacement deck for this one else it’s pretty much good to go. (Also major lack of money atm)

I still need to do the cosmetics but it works! and works well, 24mph but I limited it to 18mph since I doubt I need more from this form factor.

I soldered so I can go dual drive in the future or maybe even hub if I decide but I doubt I will change that anytime soon.

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Are you still using the meepo battery or did you switch it out for the 10s3p already? If so, i wiuld be interested in a photo without the enclosure :slight_smile:

I am still at this moment using a Meepo 4.4Ah battery, but i do have a 10s3p battery 9Ah here but ill be using it for my next build.

Okay looks like i might not be able to do this project or any other project any time soon at all…

My pis poor soldering skills just ruined my vescs, i was as careful as i could be but yet due to how bad my soldering iron is solder dripped onto the smd parts and i have no way to get it off so now im here with broken vescs and no way to replace them due to lack of funds.

Unless i can sell my premade boards i have to call it, it for now.

Still not able to finish it anytime soon, but i was provided some pictures of my new deck from Unik.

Gotta admit, it looks so good with the new griptape, almost a shame to put it in use.