Unity power switch

Hey anyone know where to get a replacement unity power switch. Or at least what would be safe to use for one. Or I sort of prefer toggle switches, is it safe to switch these out with the oem version?

Yep. Any switch with the same behavior is fine. (basically if the original is a momentary switch, don’t replace it with one that isn’t momentary. Same with normally open or normally closed.) You can use a multimeter set to continuity to check what kind of switch you have if you don’t know already.

This method is used when using an alternate switch or toggle switch.

This is probably the Unity switch.


I used one of these when my Unity button broke

and Adafruit has a good selection of momentary and latching switches https://www.adafruit.com/category/235

how could you use these when there are just 2 pins and the unit’s switch has 4 of them? @iespoba

2 of the wires on the unity are for the lights, the Brimstone buttons don’t have a light so only have 2 pins. Some of the Adafruit buttons that do have a light and will have 4 pins

The indicator light is however kinda useful! And with this switch the user need to be careful what pins he connects it to. Stay away from the 3.3v and ground pins, otherwise pressing the power button will short the 3.3v output, not sure but it could affect the whole system.