Unity + Trampa Wand

When will we see an update so us unity users can use the trampa wand?

You would have to ask @trampa the question.

I don’t think that they will do a FW update to allow compatibility. It would be possible, but I doubt that they will put effort into it. Someone could code it and publish that FW, but it will be a constant work to maintain compatibility.

As far as I can see, the incompatibility of Unity FW to VESC FW is something that has been done with some intentions in mind. It is quite a task to run and maintain a fork of the VESC software only to support a layout that shares a single processor for two power stages, which isn’t ideal anyway.

Benjamin tries to keep the VESC software as open and usable as possible, but he can’t hinder others to run a incompatible fork that only supports a certain HW configuration and attachment of certain accessory. The Wand is compatible with any ESC that can run the official VESC Firmware. It even works with the old V 4.12.


Thanks for the answer. I’m just super frustrated with the way Enertion chooses to over promise and under deliver. Breaking the support of apps and now controllers as well. I work with UAV flight controllers and ESC’s as my day job. We have a 8 in 1 esc that runs FOC on a m series mcu. So it’s possible. That being said, I agree with you changing the vesc architecture of 1 mcu per esc is a bad design choice. Thats a topic for another day over a few beers after a group ride :smile:

I havent looked at the code yet. Have anyone tried to connect the wand with a unity yet? What works, what doesnt?

I would hope it’s something that could be done in less than 20-50 hours of work. I’m willing to put some hours into it. But keeping the responsibility of maintaining a fork + keeping it as close to the official vesc branch is not something i’m willing to commit to for x amount of years.

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The big question is: Will the code change be merged, or will you have constant work with maintenance. It’s probably not a lot of work to make things compatible. I’m not the expert, but Ben said it’s not terrible. Benjamin is merging quite some code recently. We have seen the UAV CAN and Self Balance Feature being merged from other enthusiasts. VESC-Tool grows quite a lot now.

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@trampa The video released on youtube saye that we need to update the old Bluetooth dongle with a new FW but I did not find any instruction to do so.

Can you please help out ?


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