Universal Carvon V4 (SD-R/XL & TD) & Pulley Adapters for Flywheel/Kegel/SpeedVent Cores (by PXSS)

As some of you may be aware, I have been designing Carvon adapters that actually fit my wheels over the last month or so. Originally, I was only going to make adapters for ABEC11 style flywheels but a lot of people wanted Kegel style adapters too. I spent the first week of the month designing the ABEC11 adapters and testing them out. This weekend I will be focusing on the Kegel and Seismic Speed-vent style adapter design. The adapters fit all three styles of Carvon V4 Drives.

Here are some pictures of the Flywheel style adapters: sceen%20capture%203



Pictures of Speed-Vent Style Adapters: seismic



Batch 1 Style: ABEC11 flywheel adapters Material: Aluminum 6061, sand blast finish Status: CLOSED!!! This batch is fully accounted for already! Price per set: $60 (plus shipping and any junk fees) Manufacturing status: These are getting machined right now and should be in my hands by November 25th. Shipping will happen throughout the week.

Batch 2 Style: Kegel core adapters. Material: Aluminum 6061, sand blast finish Status: OPEN!!! If you would like to join the group buy, please complete this survey:

Price per set: $60-75 per set (plus shipping and junk fees). The price is currently sitting at $75 per set as we do not have enough demand to get down to the $60 per set mark. This price will be set once I receive a quote from the manufacturer based on qty ordered.

Custom Batch: Style: Speed Vent Material: Aluminum 6061, sand blast finish Status: OPEN!!! A very low number of adapters will be made specifically for Speed-Vent wheels. Thanks to @Frenchy for providing the wheels! If you want in on this please fill out the same survey as above. Price per set: Given the low number of sets we’re having made, these will probably be $100+ a set, please do not join unless you are dead set on following through with this purchase.

The second part of this, is that I could combine this with the interchangeable pulley system I designed 2 years ago but never had the time to make because we adopted a puppy… Now that she’s all grown, I have more time to get back into my hobbies!

The idea here is to have pulley stock of different tooth counts cut to whatever width we want and attach it to the wheel adapter of your choosing. I still have some 36T and 44T Pulley stock somewhere around here that I will be cutting up to make some prototypes. Given the current design of the adapters, pulleys can be between 36t and 44T but I plan to revise this so it can be as low as 30T.

I’ll post some pictures of this tonight when I find the stock but here is a CAD view with 36T: sceen%20capture%204



You might want to state the material too.

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I knew I forgot something! They’re all aluminum 6061. It’s been added to the OP. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Do you plan on releasing the files?

Not at this time.

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First batch is on the way!



Abec11 adapters are in!

image image image image image image image image


Wrt to modular, did you see jlabs and kug3lis have this already?

Yeah, but I think I can improve them or at least make it cheaper.

BKBs is too complex and I honestly haven’t looked at kug3lis options but based on his price list, I can make anything wayyyy cheaper than what he’s got but that’s not to say that their products aren’t good. I just think I can make something even more universal and cheaper.

With my design, getting different sized pulleys should be very cheap and we could also get them 3D printed for even cheaper and custom teeth counts. I’m reaching out to pulley manufacturers but I’m sure that if I order in bulk, I can get the pulleys for $10 each.

I don’t know! Maybe it won’t work out the way I think it will but we’ll have to find out :slight_smile:



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@PXSS What’s the time frame on the kegel group buy? When will it close and how soon after will they be made roughly? Thanks.

Trying to see if I can buy a set of these and ask for Caguamas from the fam for Christmas :stuck_out_tongue:


I just finished shipping out all the ABEC11 sets today.

It took me a little while to test fit all of the parts to make sure that none of them had glaring issues. Along with that I had to figure out all the shipping stuff for those in other countries.

Given that I kinda figured out all of those kinks, it should be faster to get the next batch turned around. I still haven’t finished my CAD for the kegel wheels but I will probably do that tonight while my gf sleeps and then send it out for a quote. If everyone who filled out the form is still interested and pays promptly, turn around should be about 15 days total. The machine shop quoted me 7 calendar days last time plus 3 days shipping to me. Then a couple of days for me to test the adapters and ship them out!

I think you would definitely have adapters by christmas!


How so? Not being facetious, just curious as to why you think so.


@JLabs i love your pullys. They are amazing for Surfrodz trucks. Please don’t change them/ stop selling.


Your adapters have to be machined from both sides which means longer machining times and higher costs. The adapter I designed is a single setup job (aka, it can all be machined from one side).

But that is also inherent in the design, as you use a bearing to keep your adapters centered on the axle and locked into the wheel. If you already have a 2 setup job, might as well make the most of it. In my opinion, the axle bearing is unnecessary.

We can discuss design opinions through PM or on a different thread if you wish, I would like topic this to stay focused on the pulleys I’m making. :slight_smile:

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@PXSS Any update on this? :smile: