Universal enclosures for sale!

Besides the Vanguard and Reaper enclosures I’m offering a universal 62cm enclosure for your projects, deck could be a drop through or any regular concave, it can be sold with or without the battery capacity tester.

The enclosure will fit a 10S and dual VESC and a Battery Supports 10A 36V 60A BMS

Price is US$ 80


These look great!

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i do like these.

It would be a great candidate for the bustin maestro we just converted.

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That finish looks as smooth as injection molded plastic, how did you manage that with carbon fiber?

You just smooth the surface with sand paper and paint then with matte black paint, it’s a lot of work but the finish is pretty nice.

BTW the enclosure is very hard and flexible, you won’t have issues braking and having cracks around the fixing holes or around the cutouts for the battery capacity tester of switches.

Nicely done, what did you make the mold out of?

It’s flexible fiberglass, very sturdy and hard but flexible at the same time

The final product is certainly very nice, I’ll have to look into this further!

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Hey @eboosted could you make a custom enclosure for me? I want to use the Loaded Icarus deck for my build with the battery and the vesc’s enclosure on the opposite sides. The deck is very curved though, so your previous enclosure won’t fit(

I’ll need the board here to make the correct mold, otherwise it would be difficult.

So if I ship the board to you, how much will you charge to make the enclosures??

And anyways, @eboosted, what do you think about Loaded Icarus for a boosted “clone”?

I’m in Lima Perú shipping the board here will be too expensive. I like the Loaded Vanguard a lot more than the Icarus be honest.

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I found these posts:


Do you think they could help with the build? The enclosures you make are really nice and would really like to get my hands on them)

Could you give me a quote?

@Eboosted please? or are you not interested at all in this?

I’m willing to make you a custom enclosure, however I’m not sure how to do it without the deck, I need the deck to shape the base and design the borders. My enclosures are made using the deck itself in order to shape it perfectly, then I make the mold and later the final enclosure using the mold I created.

https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2336585, could you maybe use that to see the curve of the board?

It will be very difficult to do, as I’ll have to print the enclosure from Thingiverse you gave me first (I guess it’ll cost at least US$ 100 to print both parts) then make a mold on that enclosure which cost me like US$ 150 and then make an enclosure only for you (US$ 80) as no one has ever asked for Icarus enclosures and might not ask in the future.

I’m sorry bro, I think this would be too much work. Why don’t you print the enclosure from Thingiverse in the first place?

Alright @eboosted. That makes sense, sorry for your time)) I can not do it myself as I don’t have a 3d printer(( nor do I have any skills at moulding… or making anything like that. I’m a total noob at this. It’s my first build anyways) and I don’t even yet know how and where to get all the perfect parts((

Ordered this enclosure from @Eboosted and received it today. Absolutely fantastic! It is really robust and the finish is perfect. It’s going to look great on my next build.

It was made to order and only took a few days before it shipped. Totally happy with the purchase! I’ve been thinking about doing a Vanguard build too… I’ll definitely be using his enclosures for that too.