Unknown hall error: 255 on sonsorless motor

I have had some problems with my battery a while ago but I can’t see any serious damage to cells and have reconnected everything and ran motor detection, it detected the motor but also says ‘Unknown hall error: 255.’

I am running an SK3 in sensorless mode, am I missing something?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Had this same thing happen to me but using a TB 6374 motor running in bldc, I contacted TB & they told me this was normal but yet it was only happening on one motor.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:…the motor did run fine in BLDC… but I was unable to get a sensor detection in FOC on that same motor (failed) I ended up replacing the motor because I wanted to run FOC & sure enough the new motor had a good sensor detection in FOC I didn’t try it in bldc yet so I suspected the old motor had a faulty sensor not sure if this is your same issues but try the sensor detection in foc & see if you get any sensor reading.

I had a similar thing too, motor locked and when I ran detection came up with unknown hall error. I’m running sensored. disconnected the sensors set unsensored in the vesc tool and now its running fine. The detection still came up with hall error though.

Sk3 is without sensors. So you can’t detect something that is not there. You need to run bldc or foc detection and choose “sensorless”

I have selected sensorless but it still says the error.

That is Strange :-/