Unnamed | 245kv | 6s1p 5ah | first build

Hello everyone need to all this and hope to learn a lot quickly. Have been reading some of the pinned posts and have started to buy bits. I have the board just a cheap one to start with of Ebay.

I’m planning on getting 2x3s 6000mah batteries along with sk3 motor either 5055 280kv or 6364 sk3 245kv. I hope to bring more pictures soon once I start to design the motor mount using my 3D printer.


Stay with a 63mm motor is my suggestion if you had to choose. I’ve had a few ntm 50/60 and they can’t handle the heat after a while and the stator will come loose even when your switch out all the grub nuts with bolts.

Also review this mate

And of course Welcome to the fourm!

Also…use care on 3D printed items… The board vibrates so much it can snap metal …

I personally do not have any experience with 3D printed parts…just stories

Thanks will got for the 6345 245kv sk3 then just got to wait for stock to arrive at hobby king. As for the 3D printing will be mainly prototyping with it and for the pulleys but once I have the right design I will make an aluminium version.

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Better to discuss here on your build thread than the new member thread mate

Lol only just noticed it was your self. This be an ok esc don’t want to spend mega money.


Lol don’t do it

It’s for Heli …

Please refer to this thread to help pick the right ESC…

If you don’t see it here I would suggest to avoid it mate (edit: later on you can discover other non popular ESCs … Look for ones for RC car…pay attention to the voltage ratings)

@evoheyax spent a lot of time to put this thing together for all the noobs

Yea seen the list just wasn’t want to spend to much so will have another look and see what I can stretch to. I have one already from an rc buggy it’s 1/8 but only 4s but I’m wanting to run 2x3s @6s

Please check my budget build thread for a cheap esc

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When I was looking for cheap escs i found the fvt120 from bangood was about as cheap as they came. I run it on 6s and it works ok.

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Did the esc hold up ok as that was about as much as I wanted to spend.

Still going

Will get that one shame the one I have is only 4s other wise would have used it. Just need stock to arrive back now on motor and get some prototype printed. Can’t wait.

Hello new here and looking for some help and info. I have brought a drop through board to use as my base. I have several rc so already have a controller and esc 80a 1/8 buggy one. But I ordered a belt which has arrived 265t 9mm belt also I ordered a motor but think I have ordered the wrong one as seen people say sk3 so got one but think I have got the wrong kv as its a 2836-2500kv is this completely wrong? Will it even work or should I just send it back and get another one. Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately wrong. You should buy a motor below 300kv and maybe even below 200kv for good torque!

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Thanks after I ordered it I though I had got it wrong will send back and get the 260kv one. As for batteries is two 3s 6000mah OK. Thanks sorry for the noob questions.

Check this thread… It will help you tons

I have a choose of motors a sk3 5055 280kv or 6364 245kv what would people say.

Go with the 63 64