Unsure if parts are compatible

Just wondering if the vesc I plan to buy will work with my batteries and motors. I am pretty sure it will but it’s my first build so I want to make sure.

Vesc: HGLRC-FLIPSKY Dual FSESC4.20 100A + Aluminum Heatsink


Motor: 2xTurnigy SK8 6354-200KV Sensored Brushless

Batteries: 2x Zippy Flightmax 8000mah 5S1P 30c

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Yes, it will :slight_smile:

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Yep pretty decent setup but you still need a bunch more parts to finish it off

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Thanks guys, and yeah I know I have the full part list on my phone just wanted to make sure the main 3 components were compatible.

Happy ridin :slight_smile:

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Quick question. What connectors do I need to be able to connect the Vesc to the motors? Is it banana to bullet connectors?

That motor has 4mm banana plugs. The esc has no plugs, you will have to solder your own, same for the power. Running 10s I would change out the connectors on the motor for 5.5mm bullet connectors myself.

Pretty sure 4mm connectors are fine; heck, Enertion even do 3.5mm for their ESCs because it’s been tested to be a non-issue. Wish they used 4mm though just for better compatibility…

Would these be better motors?