Untitled | Slipstream "The Twin" | Caliber trucks | Single Enertion R-spec | Enertion Mount | 10S 8000 mAh | VESC

So after deciding to get cracking a few months back, parts etc have started to turn up around here one by one and it seems I’m starting to get somewhere.

The build will be on a flex 3 board, Slipstream “The Twin” and the plan is to start it off with a single R-Spec and VESC to begin with. This will be mounted with the Enertion motor mount and a Nyko Kama is in my posession and soldered onto a regular JST connector that goes to the VESC. Batteries will probably be LiPo 2x5s 8000 mAh with a BMS.

If I feel like it, I might repaint the deck at some point, found this for cheap so I got it more for quality than style lol.

Reasons for not going with the bigger R-spec: Possibility to upgrade to 2 motors without throwing one away and I will probably not need the power anyway. I’m not that much of a heavy person and need not kill myself on the first day riding.

As for mounting the components I am not so sure yet. Should be able to 3D print custom enclosures, will see how that works out :smiley:

So hyped to get this built!

Working on a build video too, here’s a quick gif from that of parts I got so far:

No hurry though, kinda dealing with this right now:


I feel you @massy - there won’t be any riding where I live for at least another 2 months.

So today I finally got to test out the VESC I bought in December and thankfully it works as it should. Really psyched to get the build together. Snow gone, all the gravel on the streets gone and we all know what that means.

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Temporarily duct taped this beast together, will look prettier in time :smiley: The bigger of the boxes is just an old lunch box I found in the kitchen so the final version will definately be more slim. The smaller is the actual battery enclosure with the BMS just taped on the top, will probably 3D print a case for the BMS eventually.

Raining today so can’t test it outside, rides well in my small apartment though.

Also, anyone know a good voltmeter with display that goes over 30V?

So beautiful :wink:

So after all remote adventures (read more here and here) I finally had an enjoyable ride on the board the other day. Finally everything seems to run as it should.

The board is still looking as fly as in the post above though but that will be fixed in the near future. Right now I’m just glad it’s rideable. Not been able to test range yet but it should be GOOD.