Unused Photon Remote for Sale( SOLD)

Photon remote - bought for a build but didn’t eventuate $90 US plus shipping Send PM

is it fully built or is it a kit that needs to be put together? any pics of it?

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Enjoy the read! :smile:

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I know what the product is, I would like to see what condition the one he is selling is in, hence the ask for pictures. . . . is it a kit, is it new? is it assembled? if that thread states pre-order, how does he have one?

If you have read the thread you would know the remote has never come as a kit. It’s always been a fully assembled product. I imagine he had ‘pre-order’ up there because he might be out of stock and is getting more soon. Pic’s would be good though to see the quality, I certainly agree on that, lol. :slight_smile: Also, it says in the title and the description that it’s unused, so I would assume it’s new, just never opened.

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Photon Still for sale - pics belowPhoton%20Remote%201Photon%20Remote

Would you ship to uk by anychance, if so, how much is shipping.

Can ship to UK - Tracked Shipping is $US14

Let me know if want to go ahead


many thanks, @SkaterBoy58