UPDATE: Dual ESCape's w/ Enclosure, DieBieBMS, 12s4p NESE Module, 2 TB 6380's 170kv

Not a scratch on them, have not ridden them once, they are perfect. Paid $120 plus shipping. They are currently out of stock also, so here’s your chance to get a fresh set of some of the newest and best urethane wheels currently made. $110 shipped (in the US; though I will ship internationally if the cost of shipping is helped with).

What color do you have?

Their the red ones.


I have them mounted on a deck, but they’ve never touched the ground. 100% flawless.


Did you ever finish your build?

Bummer. Would have bought it if it was the white ones


I was low key thinking the same thing.


Yeah I wanted white also, they didn’t have them when I got em unfortunately…


Yeah you need definitely white wheels on that build! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’ve come about 95%close to finishing it. I just needed a battery pack, but then some unexpected expenses came up… I am kinda considering buying one from someone on the forum. I really like your boards actually, lol. Maybe soon you can build me one…


What if I knocked the price down a bit? Would any of y’all consider that? They are still incredibly good urethane…

Yeah interested if we can work out the shipping, it’s Japan.

Hmm… What’s the most common company to ship to Japan?

Right?! Unfortunately I am going to make adaptors to run some Stooge Wheels on the ole Pop Tart


Check out parcel monkey

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Most stuff from USA got shipped by USPS to me.

Ok I’ll check it out. What city, postal code?

579-8015 tenchrs

Just checked usps and the cheapest I could find was for $35.

That’s without tracking? Would there be space for the trucks too?

Oh you were interested in both the wheels and trucks. Ok one sec.

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