Updated electric street luge design

So I’ve slightly updated my luge design from a few years ago. Basically, I’ve replaced the two square tubes with longer ones so it can be a lay-down street luge for less wind resistance. I’ve added a half inch plywood board that’s been stained a nice mahogany colour with sealant.

The chain is now mostly covered and I plan on adding a higher head rest for comfort. The design has been very efficient and smooth to ride and steering has been a breeze at 60 - 70 kph. The 1 kw motor which is boosted to 1500w drives a free wheel assembly which allows for maintaining much of the speed after the motor is turned off which makes this excellent for downhill riding as well as flat ground riding. This is a feature I would love to see adopted for other street luge designs.

If anything this would be effective for hybrid gravity racing with optional electric assist for the flatter terrains. I’m hoping to build a 72v 3000w version of this at some point. Which could boost my top overall speed past 100 kph. So many options to customize.