Updated Poll: Trying to decide what my design should be

As I have stated on here I do custom boards as a side business. I know exactly what I want my board to be and that is a Joker themed board. But I’m having a hard time finding a image that I really like to put on the top of the board. I use a glass grip type coating so it ends up being perfectly see through for the image on the bottom. So my dilemma is even though I have been told that I am an old soul I have never been a fan of Cesar Romero portrayal of The Joker as his character was more of a prankster criminal. Jared Leto’s Joker was a little to far from the Joker. My spot that I want the Joker image of my board to be is the psychopath-anarchist character traits of Something between Arkham game series Joker and Heath Ledger Joker. So I I have found some that I really like and wanted to a feel for what everyone thinks is the best image. Now I will be woodburning this into the board and they adding color to the design after it is wood burned.

Here are the images the highest 3 number of votes will be the final images I consider for the board. (Edit:) If anyone is super talented at drawing and wanted to put add a drawing you did I would consider that as well this is going on my personal board that I will be riding.


Joker 2

Joker 3

Joker 4

Joker 5


Joker 7

Joker 8

  • Joker 1
  • Joker 2
  • Joker 3
  • Joker 4
  • Joker 5
  • Joker 6
  • Joker 7
  • Joker 8

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Can I vote on this? :


further inspiration from @longhairedboy :

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Edit. I meant 4

I voted 5…but only if you can change that finger sticking up to the middle finger!


@Mikenopolis I believe you are pointing out to Joker 4.

@briman05 It gets confusing with the titles between the images. I was struggling too. Voted for Joker 6. I believe your choice will get easier if you imagine and scale the griptape cutout. Some of them wont look so well. Looking forward to the build in real!

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I’m not using griptape I have a glass powder that I put on for grip basically like the lucid grip but it’s not spray adhesive I use liquid spar urethane for the base coat then another coat over top.

I would rather not use peter griffin as joker

Let me rephrase that to deck shape cutout.


The deck shape will be similar to the longboard in this image

There is a top 3 so far but maybe a few more votes and really get some clear favs. I have 4 different ones at 15% of votes. I’m liking 2,3,4,6 in no particular order. I am going to add in some HA!'s and probably some joker cards on different parts of the deck.

I took your advice and placed some of the images on the board to get a better judge of how it would look.

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Lookin good! Still in love with 6

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I have narrowed my decision to number 3 and 6 I am learning more towards 6 in color