Updating firmware - FVT 6S 120a. Breaking and accelerating

Hi guys, I saw some posts about updating firmware in FVT 6S 120a but they were mainly from 2016. Have something changed since then? My eSkateboard uses that quite good ESC (IMO, ealier I used boat and plane ESCs -_-) but breaking and acceleration make me sick.

Acceleration is too fast and I fall down (have to be really careful) when even half-throttle, and breaking makes my belt turns back and soon I will detroy it (I use one motor). A sound during breaking is annoying because of belt’s teeth skipping.

Despite of some values setting by programming cards, breaking still works wrong (break strength: 50% - teeth skipping, 40% - doesn’t break at all), and acceleration is set so slow as possible but it doesn’t help .

So it would be great if I could make an update even using one of eSkateboard firmwares published on www.szfvt.com but some says ESC gets “bricked” and other says there is no possibility of installing other firmware after update. I know that best solution would be buying VESC but because of shipping costs to Poland (and VESC cost too) it is not profitable. I have invested enough money in it and I prefer to avoid that.

My specs: FVT 6S 120a Turingy SK3 Outrunner 5055-430kv 4x Zippy Flightmax 3S1P 5000mAh (2 pairs parrarel connected in series) = 6S 10000mAh HobbyKing HK-GT2E Pulleys and belt: HTD 5M 12 and 36 teeth, 305mm belt length.

Is it lottery how update impacts on ESC? Maybe there is well-working .hgm now?

Thanks for any kind of help. I’m finishing my board for 4 months and I hope it is final stage ;).

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If u do find some answers post.them here, so far ive come to conclusion the only way would be to “manually” ramp down the signal in some way so the brakes are not as harsh and acceleration could be adjusted.in.more.fine way.

Though this is all a speculation but a while ago.someone came up with “signal modulation” box (search for signal ramping) only later to somewhat disappear.and not respond,.im not sure.whenever his “box” would make it a lot better.but it sure was a hope at that time.

Regarding updating software, ive read the same things so wont be able to help.there.

As abour belt skipping, i would say that it is better that it skips rather makes you fall on your face because of too sudden brakes

I bought my FVT 120a on Banggood and in description they enclosed file with skateboard firmware. I suspect my FVT should by upgradable by that firmware. Quite weird was that after contacting with FVT (through Facebook Massanger) and verifying my actual firmware, they told there is no option to install skateboard firmware in my ESC because of other bootloader. Now I’m trying to contact with Banggood to get to know if after installing firmware (included on product page) and my ESC gets bricked or fired, they replace or refund money for ESC. I’m quite curious what they will say :wink:

Propably your solution would work, but it requires a lot of time (at least for me ;)). For now I think I have 2 option: installing skateboard firmware from Banggood and look what will happen, or buying VESC (ewentually FVT 120a for dual motors but there may be problems too) and enjoy riding.