Updating multiple VESC over CAN issue

Hi guys I have some VESC connected via the CAN bus, I can update them fine using USB, but when using update via CAN, it only updates the one I have the USB connection to

Have anybody tried this ? I’m writing some custom robotic code for the VESC, therefor it would be nice to update using the CAN, instead of getting the USB everywhere

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One at a time is my advice. Same issues I have every time doing singles canned together.


I found now, that if I connect to VESC 1 via USB, and then in Vesc tool, selects VESC 10, I can update VESC 10 through number 1, so the CAN update works, just not for all at the same time.

Thats okay for my setup, but if anyone have a hack, please feel free to write it