Upgrade an E-GO with Enertion parts?

hi :smiley: can any 1 answer me if http://www.enertionboards.com/electric-skateboard-parts/6374-190kv-electric-skateboard-motor/ can fit on my http://e-go.com/e-go.php and make it go faster or if it’s in the controls of the board that that stops it at 20 tm/h

The only thing that will make your board go faster is a new speed controller and new batteries. I’m pretty sure that motor won’t fit on the e go. You may as well build a new board.

@RunPlayBack modded a E-GO

I have changed the title of your post.

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what about bigger wheels??

it will go faster, but what about the motor, will the bigger wheels stress the motor??

This thread is so 2016. ha ha ha!

I put a smaller pulley on my EGO wheel. They same effect of putting larger wheels. Got an extra mph out of it. Slightly less torque, but I’m light, so it’s not very noticeable. A few less teeth or a few mm larger wheel isn’t going to add much stress to the motor or add that much speed. Starting up a slight incline or being heavier will add a lot more stress to the motor.

i"m 50kg/110lb so im quite lite too, i was thinking that would be more easy for me to bild up a 4new customized wheels for my ego2 wich already has 90mm wheels…

do you think 100mm will be too much? (keeping the same pulley)

A set of 100mm wheels will probably get you up to 14mph. If you want a lot more speed, I’d recommend building a new board.