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Upgrade Battery

Hi, I am noob in this section and I need some help to chose the right battery upgrade for my esk8 I have something cheapt but enough for me, names: Airwheel M3

What type of battery should I chose? How big it is I don’t care. I look on the internet and I found something like this:

or (I hope the links to other websites are allowed)

will work with this battery or just burning the pcb?

Why are you upgrading? Is your current battery toast? What ESC are you running?

The 2nd battery you listed offers more discharge, which you probably want. Both are 36V (10S) which matches your current battery, so that’s right.

I want to upgrade because it’s old and I can ride maximum 8km, when was new in 2017 the range was double.

ESC i really don’t know. The skateboard I don’t build it, so I bought… I think something what I can’t find on the market.

Btw you think the original charger will work fine with 2nd battery? 42V 2A max I’m just thinking but I’m not sure…

Your charge setup will work with those batteries. You don’t have to worry about burning the controller as long as you have the right voltage. I’d get the 2nd one you listed above. The first one is only rated at <10A discharge.

Thank you for all advices. I will order 2nd battery. I read the reviews on it and I saw it is good quality and no fake amps like other.