Upgraded Boosted Boards for sale *v1 sold* v2 Price drop

Two Boosted boards for sale

Boosted Board v2 with XR and FlexR pack Boosted board v1 SOLD

Sadly I need to lighten my insane esk8 collection. I’m getting rid of two boards for my Esk8 Dyno project, It’s costing more then I imagined it would!

100% functional and upgraded v2

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It has about 220 miles on it in total XR battery along with a FleXR custom battery pack built by me. This setup will get you about 15-20 miles of range on 1 charge. The additional battery is flexible. Both batteries were new when they were paired together. The FlexR charges when you charge your main battery normally so it doesn’t require any additional work. It takes an extra 45 min to charge fully.

I’m asking $1100 shipped for the v2 set. Everything in the picture is what you get.wheels , charger remote box.

Reduced range v1 SOLD

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This v1 has about 450 miles on it. The board works fine for about 1-2 miles then dies out (not much less then original range anyway…) I was considering swapping the cells but I dont have the time.

Comes with the charger, board and remote.

$400 Or best offer. plus shipping

Open to USA only.”


Nice dude!

Hoping you’re able to start building and selling those FlexR packs-- think you’d make some good coin.

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Thanks man! Maybe down the line :slight_smile:


I’m def interested in the v2 but no way I can sell the wife on that $$. Hit me up if you have a time selling and decide to drop price or accept lower offers.

Yea I dropped it from 1400 thanks for the interest

May I ask which cells you used for the additional flex pack?

What an awesome idea. Been lurking on this for a while. Take a good product and make it how it should have been made in the first place. Should sell double quick. The 400 buck v1 will fly out too. Then the person who buys it will want you to upgrade methinks.

They are Samsung 30Q cells if I remember correctly. The 220 miles of riding were all test miles. Testing my FlexR battery pack, it passed of course


Thanks for the interest !

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Price drop on the boosted v1 to $350

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Just curious, did you try re-calibrating the V1?

What do you mean by recalibrating?

Full charge to 100% and discharge to the point where the motors stop spinning. Do that three times is Boosted’s recommended re-calibration.

I got a similar board from someone at $150 and it only got like 2 miles on it then said 0%. Did the full discharges and now it gets around 4.5 miles.

YMMV depending on if the cells are actually damaged or the BMS is just reading the capacity wrong.

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Oh yea I’m familiar with the process but I didn’t know there was a name for it.

I’ve done that with the v2 to get the system calibrated with the extra batteries but never with the v1. I put maybe 2 charges on it but only 1 of those was from full to dead.

So there is still a chance this board is okay I guess

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Is the v2 board running 30q cells or a combo of 30q and a123

It’s an XR battery which runs lithium ion 18650 style cells

Oh, cool I didn’t know they changed chemistry

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I am interested in the v1. All it needs is fresh cells? That shouldn’t be a problem to swap out. You’re in the Chicago land area right? If it’s still available during thanksgiving I would love to buy it. As that is when I’ll be in town from school.

Hey man. Yea I’ve got a v2 pack that I can give you for cheap too for the transplant.

I can ship it over pretty cheap if you’re close


V1 is SOLD

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