Upgrading mini remote to Enertion Nano X?

I been running my board for eight months now with a finger trigger remote, the first one was the Evolve remote and the second one the mini remote, I can’t stop praising the mini remote, it has been amazing in terms of butterness, adjustment, immediate pairing, extremely long battery life, it just had a few disadvantages as a toyish on/off switch and bad battery springs, things that are very easy to fix BTW.

So today I change my mini remote for there and the Enertion Nano X, it immediately paired, I adjusted the PPM limits and went for a test ride, the board was too powerful on low rpms, maybe I’m not used to a thumb trigger but riding on this remote was very awkward, I almost fall a couple of times, I definitely lost low speed control.

There’s a switch to change modes, I don’t know how it works, I don’t know if I need to adjust something else but so far I’m not liking it more than my Mini Remote


As far as I’m concerned the mini RC remote is the best skate remote ever! Similar experience, I tried the nano remote but quickly went back to the Mini.


If it just had an pushbutton on/off switch a screen with odometer and speed, a smaller enclosure a safety tope holder and a trigger guard it’ll be perfect

LoL, if it had all that, you wouldn’t be able to get them for $30 A screen with battery gauge would be nice, but then you would need a bms with communication circuit.

I’d gladly pay us$ 100 for a remote like this

BTW where do you get it from for us$ 30?

They’re out of stock at the moment but getting more by the end of the month. They deliver quickly as well. https://electric-skateboard.market/product/2-4ghz-mini-remote-receiver/

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I really really do like the Nano-X, in particular because you can switch on-the-go between the two modes. Usually, I ride the board using the low-power mode, however, when extra power is needed (e.g. steep hill) I switch to the boost mode. Overall I am quite happy and had no drop outs whats-o-ever.

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Glad to hear! Some prefer trigger and some prefer thumb control. There needs to be good remotes available to suit everyone’s personal preference.

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Absolutely, I would love to have one of these modded GT2B remotes. Just sold my GT2E which was great but a bit too large for my taste.

Im still yet to find a remote that beats the nyko kama in terms of rideability. Perpetual steez ftw.

What do you mean by rideability?

lol dont waste ur money … the best remote still comes from germany.

That’s a Nano remote. Lots of people have already tried those, myself included. And Frankly, I wasn’t impressed with anything about it except its size. As for reliability, long battery life, smooth operation and ergonomic comfort, I’ll stick with the larger Mini RC remote

The mini remotes were available on banggood. I could have picked one up for $23 Canadian and free shipping (30-45 days). It would seem the cat is out of the bag though. Stock problems. Remember not to share until you buy your own first :slight_smile: Probably coming to a reseller near you. Thankfully I don’t need one.

It seems it is possible to make 2 or more ride modes for other remotes, too!

It seems there just needs to be a resistor in line with the potentiometer! You make this by wiring a switch and making a parallel connections to the pot… For the ‘‘parallel’’ connection, you add resistors, which increase the resistance value…thus decreasing the ‘‘sensitivity’’ and max output of the remote.

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How can you switch modes on the Nano X? Can you switch between two presetted modes or does it just restrict the trigger travel?

I agree with Namasaki. The Mini RC is a very reliable remote that gives you a nice accel range on the trigger. It fits really well in my hand, and I’ve never been bothered by the size. I have no reason to switch to a Nano, nor do I want thumb control.

The switch from my Mini Remote just broke, has anyone got any way around this problem?

I’d like to upgrade the switch with a push button switch, what would be the smallest one compatible with the motherboard?

As far I understood it just restricts the pulse width, hence trigger level??? Not 100% sure about that.

How did you fix these?