Upgrading my board

Hey guys!

I first got on this forum over 2 years ago and built a board back then. It has been working pretty well since then, but I think it is time for an upgrade. I am looking to go to a lion battery pack and possibly add on another motor. I want it to look a lot cleaner and easier to charge

Here are my current specs:

  • 6364 245 kv hobbyking motor
  • 6s 25c 5000 mah zippy lipo
  • torqueboards vesc
  • torqueboards motor mount
  • 36t abec kit
  • caliber trucks
  • knock off amazon flywheels
  • tupperware container
  • imax b6 charger

What do y’all suggest I do, as I am sort of out of the loop in all things esk8

Current board:

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Damn i like it.

You wanting to stay same deck?

yeah probably. the only downside of it is that its all metal and doesn’t absorb much impact

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Oh and you said new battery. Sticking to 6s or maybe go up to 10s?

yeah probably 10s

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But even if you do deck swap you want a short kicktail deck right?

yeah 10chars

Maybe grab a pair of 6355 motors so you can stick with your caliber trucks. The 6364 wont fit dual unless you get wider hangers and most people stay under 200kv. But that will make the stance wider so keep that in mind.

Then you only need one tb mount/ vesc /pulley and a battery.

What deck is that?

aluminati recycled metal board

ok. what do you recommend for the battery?

I might have a riptide deck I’d let go for dirt cheap. Its similar enough, and wood. Lol

But you can also get oldschool kicktail decks for like $32 shipped from Skateshread.com

You on a tight budget?

I could build you a battery if your able to wait a Month.

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Was gonna say since hes got a small enclosure space a 10s2p with 40t would be nice.

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Was thinking just that a 10s2p of 40t (not 30t). A 40t 10s2p pack would be very simular in capacity to a 30q 10s3p at 8000mah

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This is a Skateshread deck. I just moved the front truck up a bit. 15607222992544211183607278098303

Its running regularly caliber trucks with dual xx55 motors and a 10s2p.

Derp. I keep doing that lol. 40t*

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If you want to get the shit scared out of you, I would go for this setup (same as I have) Battery: https://www.eboardsperu.com/product/10s4p-battery-pack-for-loaded-vanguard/ ESC: https://www.enertionboards.com/focbox-speed-controller/focbox-unity-dual-motor-foc-controller-esc/ Motors: https:///collections/electric-skateboard-motors/products/electric-skateboard-motor-6355-190kv

I think you might have to swap to a bigger deck though ahah

Which cells