Upgrading my build

hey yall trying to get back into this and finish up the rebuild (since my lipo battery is on the verge of exploding). Im trying to keep the budget pretty low on upgrades.

Here are my current specs:

  • 6364 245 kv hobbyking motor
  • 6s 25c 5000 mah zippy lipo
  • torqueboards vesc
  • torqueboards motor mount
  • 36t abec kit
  • caliber trucks
  • knock off amazon flywheels
  • tupperware container
  • imax b6 charger

I’m trying to keep the budget as low as possible, so i’ll probably just be replacing the battery and some other small components.

Do you think a 10s lion pack would be too much? Also any recommendations on a pack?

Any advice is welcome :slight_smile:

Well, 245KV at 10s will exceed the 60K ERPM safe speed of the torqueboards vesc. So you either need to keep your pack below 10s, or upgrade to a 200kv or lower motor.

Your imax b6 won’t charge a 10s pack, you’ll need either a 10s balance charger (expensive), or get a 10s two-wire charger and a pack with a BMS built in. (Most li-ion packs do.)

what do you recommend?

Depends on your requirements. How much range? how fast? What budget? What physical size? What’s your level of comfort/skill with soldering/wiring?

cheapest option is buying another lipo since you already have the charger. Depends on where you live, you can go to a gathering and find some people that can help you make your battery pack. I think most people go for 10s. 12s is when you want speed.