Upgrading my esk8

Hello esk8 community I bought a broken yuneec ego and want to build a new board with existing parts. I have all the mechanical parts allready together Batteries i would keep from the ego (8S batteries) Because i think they are good enough and allready come with a good onboard charging So i would need a ESC and a motor.

My requirements would be: I want to go at least 10km (6 miles) And about 25-30 km/h (16-19mph) I also want to have a bit of an uphill ability Doesnt have to be crazy The yuneec worked good i would just like a little bit more uphill capibility. I would love to have a small easy remote to have a quick ride And i would love to have a bluetooth function to read all the data like speed, distance and range if i want to connect my iphone. Can you guys please help me with picking parts? :slight_smile: I dont want to go very cheap but also not all out crazy. Just a good allround esk8 for nearly every day driving to work and back (about 2.5km one way). And i would love to buy from hobbyking or any other european website cause shipping from us would be too expensive.

Best regards lukas Sorry for my bad english i am from austria :slight_smile:

VESC and a 6355 or 6374 motor - probably need a different motor mount, trucks and controller?

You can get a bluetooth module for the VESC and record data on an android device

Do you know what the gearing of the board is? I would go with a 190ish kv 6374 motor and a vesc. Range depends on the size of the battery.

Do you know if all the 4.12 models are as good? Because i only found one in germany for 160€ or 1 from denmark for 120€

And i wanted to keep all the mechanical parts like trucks and the drive system. And just wanted to drill new wholes for the motor or 3D print (have one at work) an adapter plate.

And how would it work if i want a small ghz receiver and a bluetooth module? Is that possible with the vesc? Cause the yuneec esc was able to switch between thoSe two.

Mostly. Some of the Chinese versions are still figuring out their quality.

I’d recommend against this, I couldn’t get mine to hold up.

I run both a GT2B 2.4ghz controller & receiver, and the bluetooth module for data collection at the same time. I don’t know if you can control the vesc with bluetooth controller.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Yeah i would also like to control it with a remote And the phone only to see data like speed and battery percentage and stuff

So anyone knows where i can get a good vesc inside the EU?!

Is it allowed to push here? :frowning:

Hi Lukas, I have an E-go as well and it’s the second time it dies. I suspect it’'s the ESC. I need to make some tests. It seems to be quite fragile. Is yours in need of a lot of work (beside the Vesc)? You’re talking of the trucks and motor, you don’t want to keep them? I have opened it: the enclosure is quite crammed, don’the think you can put a bigger battery.

Everything is fine on mine Just the ESC is broken One pcb fried Can you make a picture of your ESC maybe your fault is the same

I don’t know a lot of eu sellers, here are two: http://www.unikboards.com/fr/categorie-produit/diy-part/electronic/