[US] 10S custom li-ion packs

I ordered a bunch of 10S battery equipment and have some left over parts after my last few sales. If anyone wants a custom 10S battery, let me know! I usually use 30Qs but I can do anything. There is a showcase of my work in this thread: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/us-30q-10s4p-for-399/61573/5?u=brando

A few quick quotes for 30Q packs. This includes eSwitch, percentage gauge, plugs, charger/port, and BMS. 10S3P: $329 10S4P: $399


You still selling 10S4P 30Q? I am located in Massachusetts, how much would shipping be?

Unfortunately I’m not making packs atm. Busy with school.

@thisguyhere just finished a pack for my new 2019 Trampa, he may be able to help you in the interim. :surfing_man:


Lol sent a PM telling him tbe same thing! 10s5p 30 q for 350 shipped…