[US] Abec refly 90mm

Hi builders!

I’m looking for the Abec 11 Refly Black 90mm

Do you have 4 of them to sell or do you know where I can buy them?

Most of the online stores don’t have them or are weeks away from delivery :frowning:


Found some here: https://www.eboardstuff.com/products/90mm-black-abec-11-refly-74a


Thanks mate but unfortunately they’re not in stock. They’ll be on Aug 15 :frowning:

Trampa stickies are in stock in black I think. The black ones are 76a duro so quite soft. A bit on the pricey side but I rode a set for a while and i have no complaints what so ever.

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:neutral_face: Lame

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Seems that the blue one are in stock as well. I wonder how they compare to the Abec 11 refly.

I was thinking that another option is to get the @JLabs ones that are 75a (IIRC) but I don’t know how well they perform.

I dont really know how they compare to abec11 reflies but they are good wheels IMHO. Maybe @trampa could tell you a bit about them.

I ordered the wheels from @JLabs for a 78a and ~30$ IMHO they’re a steal, and the reviews are good!!!

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I second that!

I third that! I got the 90s on the OG Raptor next to me. Great quality for low price image



If you need them for a client, I do have a set I"d reluctantly part with to help The Cause.

(yet seriously and from a die-hard ABEC guy, +1 to the BKB wheels @Mikenopolis @DAddYE @blitz are on the money; BKB wheels work perfectly.

One of the complete esk8s I bought out here has BKB parts and, long story short, BKB is still on that particular board - which is why these ABEC 90s are still new and I guess avail :slight_smile:

hope this helps!


Thx mate I immensely appreciate! I got the @jlabs ones for now


Are the Re Flyes reflex formula the same as the cobranded Evolve Abec 11? Or they had a new formula?

Not particularly happy about their reflex formula.

The green Superfly 107mm are holding pretty good though


Glad I didn’t buy these chunky monkeys

it might be entirely in my head, and please correct me if I’m mistaken:

  • I think Evolve wheels feel like ‘remixed’ ABECs, and,
  • I have a feeling this years’ ABECs aren’t exactly same as the greens from a couple of years ago.

This is probably in my head, I know. I’ve weighed both the ABEC and Evolves and they’re more or less the same, idk.

Yet I own ABECs from 2016 that feel literally, perfect after all this time. They feel dense and solid and they’ve never cracked.

Evolve wheels have always felt a little softer to me and the inner rim will tear when it finds a sharp rock under torque.

Again, might be totally in my head. :crazy_face: hope this helps my friend

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