[US] For Sale: 107mm ABEC 11's, Flipsky 6355 190kv, ABEC 36t Pulley, DickyHo Caliber Mounts

Everything is brand new, never used. I’ve decided i’m going with TB’s direct drive setup.

A pair of DickyHo mounts: $30 shipped

A pair of DickyHo ABEC 36t wheel pulleys $30 shipped

$55 shipped if bought together


A pair of Flipsky 6355 190kv motor $120 shipped


ABEC 107mm Superfly 11’s $125 shipped.



Items are located in Sacramento, CA… Local pickup is avaliable. No international shipping.


Those abec’s are sexy. Wish mine where in the same shape, are you a photographer?

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$142usd shipped to Sydney 2156 Australia for the 107s? :wink:

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Why don’t you want mine, hahhahah

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bc they’re not as pretty looking… or can you convince me? :wink:

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I have some pretty ones but the custom pulleys are a pain to get


dm me broski

Will take the motors and mounts.

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I’ll take the pulleys and mounts if they’re still available.

i swear you never get to spend your money becaz nobody wants to ship to au for some reason… :rofl:


@AlanZhou I knowww! drives me mad


What’s still available?

At the moment everything is still available. Lots of PM’s but no one has sent payment. lol.

Do you know if those dickyho pulleys can fit on a caliber truck

They’ll fit but you’ll need to file about 1mm off the square “corners” of the caliber hanger. See the area marked in green.


BUMP. price drop.

BUY everything for a package deal of $250. ($100 for wheels, $100 for 2x flipsky motors, $50 for 2x caliber mounts 2x pulleys)

If this doesn’t sell, i’ll keep the parts for an AT build.

I sent you a pm, wasn’t sure if you saw it.

Do you still have the wheels?

hey man can you get back to my msg’s?