US Group Buy - CLOSED!

As requested, you peeps wanted a group buy for just about everything. So here you have it. This GB includes:

1. Wheels: 83mm, 90mm, and 97mm. We can pick 2 colors, TBD later. Most likely black and orange 2. Motor Mounts: I have several designs as do others, we can choose what ones later. 3. Battery Packs: 10s3p and 10s4p, BMS and charger. I will get a lot more info later. @ajaynagra has found, what I believe a very good manufacturer. I will of course be doing a lot of digging as these are important. 4. VESC’s: The motor manufacturer that I use has actually started making VESC’s. I have 2 on the way for testing and will post my results. 5. Pulley Kit: Includes wheel pulley for flywheels, motor pulley, belt, and necessary bolts.

Not in the group buy, but still really good prices. 1. Motors: 6354 and 6374 available. Both soon to be in stock. Only $8 more dollars than the last group buy! Order/Pre-Order here. 2. Mini Remotes: Pre-Order for below Group Buy Prices! The last group buy was for $33 and I sell them for $30! You guys bought them all out quick so I will be ordering more. You can pre order them here.

How the group buy works:

I need to know what you guys are interested in. So please fill out this form if you wish to participate! After I see what is popular I will get final prices for the quantity demanded and then post the products on the eSk8 Market, and that is how you will pay for them. Why the eSk8 Market? Because management is key, if there are a lot of orders I will pull my hair out any other way. It also lets you guys have PayPal purchase protection.


Everything should ship in 2 weeks or so, after I close purchasing of the products. The only exceptions are the batteries and motor mounts as they are custom made. ##Prices As this is an extreme amount of work, I am making a few dollars off of each sale. I want to make that clear from the get go. The money will just go to buying more stock for my small eSk8 business Polar. Prices are not final, they may sway up or down. I will be sure to keep you updated. 1. Wheels: $20/set of 4 2. Motor Mounts: $24/piece 3. Battery Packs: 10s3p with BMS $150 - 10s4p with BMS: $195 4. VESC: $82 5. Pulley Kit: $30 I still need to talk with Ajay more about prices as he is the one who is talking with some of the manufacturers. So there you have it, if you want to participate fill out this form so I get a general idea. You guys can edit your responses and see total data.


Mouny By @JuniorPotato93 My One Piece Mount

  1. what durometer are the wheels?
  2. what are the available gear ratios for the pulley kits?

Do the batteries come with chargers?

I think 78a but I will check with Ajay.

The hear ratio is 14 or 16t motor side and 36t wheel side.

Not included in the price, but we can add them. I am going to get a go at price soon.

My hero :slight_smile: And I was just asking you if you had anything else for sale!

Any idea of what options there will be for belt width? Batteries will be 18650?

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12mm belts, yes 18650

Ok got @boards @wmj259 and @mm6ix Anyone else?

Did you get the prices for charger?0

Are the pulley system good quality?

And what brand cells?

Was about to submit, but I’m curious about the layout of the batteries. I was hoping to do a slim build… any way to do one layer of 30 (10x3), rather than stacked? I don’t know how most people here typically do their 10S3P builds.

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Only 4 responses? Any more interest?

Well I could join in if you could respond my questions. :grinning:

I’d be in if the 10s3p pack is two rows of 15 (8 on the bottom 7 on top) beside eachother. Also curious about the cost of the charger and if it would be possible to add a switch.

Samsung 25r I stated that before. The pulley system is aluminum same as DIY. I am still getting prices for chargers.

that is pretty cheap but i’m still not sure about 1 part mounts. i need to get back to my mount designs :upside_down:

also you found diy’s source for pulleys lol I was looking for more options.

I would be interested in a couple of 10s 4p batteries. As long as the bms can do at least 60amps continuous.

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Is the pulley kit for abecs or kegs?


Ready to jump on it as soon as you can let me know about the layout of the 10S3P pack, and if it’s possible to customize said layout.