[US, NY]10s5p diyeboard battery

The same battery I’ve been speaking to multiple people about, I’m just too uncomfortable shipping it

I can do local (914/Westchester area) or NYC(Grand Central) drop off

Ridden for less than 100 miles, fully discharged 3 times, looking for 95usd

I just want it gone, I don’t like having batteries sitting around doing nothing 15467950723966866574962019291736 15467951838394307795002079645430

I dropped a little drop of water ( not by accident) to test if the sticker works, and yes, it does :slight_smile:

The electrical tape on the charging connector is to insulate as the sleeving around the wire has cracked in two places, likely due to the temperatures I rode around in Upstate


I would get it if i had a use for it, lol grand central is like 20 mins from me.

Wait which cells are these?

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22p, Samsung

Pack is capable of 50a continuous

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I’d take this if you’d be able to ship :’(

You and 5 others :joy::joy:

Sorry bro, cant