[US NYC] Battery Supplier

Would like some gutshots, I would join in on this with you if I had the money but sadly I don’t. The “bms” should have extensive testing and the pack should be thoroughly checked. The cells should also be checked and the pack should be abused like a motherfucker

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Not sure how they managed to get the price down so low because that is nearly the cost of cells alone

They do look exactly like torqueboard’s battery packs. I wonder if this is the same as TB’s. But I trust TB more than I trust this.

Now try to file a claim when you have a issue to Mr. Lee in Guangzhou

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Is it though

I bought cells for £2.33 with out VAT (if I bought 100 or 1000 it would have been lower)

On ru.nkon it’s €2.75

110 Euro? Not including led, bms, nickel, switch, heat shrink, solder, and the other miscellaneous

Switch - 1$ Led - 3$ BMS - idk $50 absolute maximum for China Nickel - haven’t looked at prices 10 awg - 0.80$/meter 20awg - 0.40$/meter Heat shrink - less than 1$/pack

ill give it a try

That’s part of the reason why I want to try this supplier. To test. It’s a risk but if it turns out well then we have access to packs at wholesale price rather than market which is already too expensive.

If they are indeed legit I’d get one at that price…as long as shipping is reasonable…also I’d be willing to take the chance as long as we can use Paypal or something similar that would afford us a little protection from fraud/whatever bullshit

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Yeah PayPal is what I was going to suggest we use

Sorry I haven’t been responding to some of you guys this weekend. Been under the weather. Battery work starting now tho :smiling_imp:

I want one 2

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getting info and quote

wait you live so far. this is for NYC only and neighboring states

Save. Im planning on ordering in a few weeks.

Could you ask if you can order the BMS separate ?

lol bro this is designated for New yorkers and you’re in the UK. and nah

Some of the Information on the internals for the batteries are as follows:

AWG10# discharging wires , the nickel thickness is 2.0mm,the black holder thickness is 1.0mm.

The BMS continuous current is 60A

The packs get tested before they are shipped, including test: discharging current, voltage , internal resistance etc.

And they take pictures of the products and send via email or text message for us to check before shipment.