(US) Ownboard motors, truck, ESC, remote, and button

I’m not going to use these, so figured I’d send them off to whoever can use it for $160 plus shipping. They have maybe 20 miles on them. I’m in Florida 33141 for whoever wants to figure out how much shipping is on their own. This is the newer Hobbywing ESC and remote for Ownboard, V2 or whatever they called it. The button lights up red in case you’re wondering. image

If nobody have taken them how much for the hubs?

$100 for the motors and truck, $60 for the remote and ESC + shipping

Still have esc and remote?

Yes, still available.

And I’m just clarifying here, it works without any known problems?


If Ineedspeed doesn’t want the esc and remote I’m interested, are there any issues with either?

thanks, Andy

No issues with the remote, ESC, or motors to this point, and I have no complaints about them either, I just used different components instead.

Is the remote/esc still for sale?

Still for sale

Sold, please close this out @mmaner

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