(US) REMOTES for SALE - Firefly Nano (SOLD), Mini Remote (SOLD), Wowgo/Ownboard/Hobbywing, Teamgee

Leaning out my collection of remotes. Shipping US Only - USPS Priority Mail


Firefly Nano + Receiver // $100 + shipping [SOLD]


Mini Remote + Receiver // $25 + shipping [SOLD]

I know these aren’t DIY, but in case anyone has a need for either of these Chinese ESC RCs:


Wowgo / Ownboard / Hobbywing RC (3-Speed) // $20 shipped!


Teamgee RC (compatible with Meepo V1 ESC) // $20 shipped!

Please PM with questions. Thanks for looking!

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No ty @dspx

Yes plz @joeadams101

Firefly Nano is this still available?

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If it is I’m ready to purchase now $$$.

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Firefly Nano SOLD

Shipping on fhe mini to 80203?

About $3.50

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‎ 30 even?


Deal. :slight_smile:


PayPal you this evening when I get home.

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Is the Ownboard remote still available?

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Yessir, still available :slight_smile:

Fantastic. I’ll take it. It’ll work with the W1S right? Where and how do I make the payment?

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PM sent :slight_smile:

U offer local pick up?


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Please close this thread. Last remote was thrown out during a move, all other items were sold.