(US) Selling parts (used and new) vescs,motors,motor mounts, etc

As the title says i am selling a few items

2x BKB 6374, 1 used (~20 miles) 1 new never mounted (pullpulley not included) $180 for both shipped (100 for the new, 80 for the used shipping included) prefer to sell as set.


3D Servisas 4.12 dual vesc case $50+shipping (used) All screws and thermal pads (may want to buy new thermal pads)

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Vesc 4.12 used and working last time i had it connected $30 (plus shipping) (SOLD to @1Q-Ford )

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Photon remote, used for bench testing, like new w/ reciever $125 (shipping inc.)


2x Janux (@marcmt88) dual idler motor mounts $50 ea. ($100 for both)1 mounted, never used, like new (shipping not inc.)


Riptide tunnel riser, new, mounted for test fit $15 (shipping included if paired with another item, otherwise shipping needed if bought alone) 15535805693631877294016

Flipsky bt module, used once to configure vesc, 10$ (will ship as add-on for free or if bought alone shipping needed)


Aluminum handle grip, not sure where it come from. Will throw it in for $5 with any other purchase

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For the record, i got blindsided with medical bills by the dr last minute for delivering my new baby girl, shes due May 21st and i have to pay off what the insurance denied to pay before the due date so i am selling spare parts and builds, will have more parts popping up im sure, to include 1 Hummie deck if the buyer backs out. Also 2 6380 tb motors new will be added when they arrive


Interested in the esc. I don’t see the reciever leads? How is the reciever connected to the esc? PM sent

on the 4.12 its the three prongs in the top left

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Nice, ok! I still don’t see it but I’ll take it anyway, lol

Wait, i don’t see capacitors? Dosen’t it need those? Excuse my ignorance… thanks

What would shipping be to Austria ?

I changed your title to grab some attention

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Thanks @BigZwatt

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What are the outside dimensions of the 4.12 dual vesc case?

Ill check when i get home tonight @b264 i get off work in 3 hours

Do you still have the 6380 motor for sale?