[US] [WTB] 10s2p battery

Bought a meepo v3 with no battery and need a battery for it. Open to anything that will fit and reasonably priced, been looking for days and stuck between making my own and buying a cheap pack, but dont want to overpay for crappy cells. Idk been thinking way too much about this lol. If you have something let me know, thanks!

Just invest in a meepo battery. These 10s2p 40T packs are pretty awesome for the physical size.

Otherwise you need to find a local battery builder whos willing to custom make something for ya. Custom battery aint cheap! and if it is cheap it means the person making it is probably short-changing themselves and unlikely to support you if a problem occurs.

@Abignoli if you are in the United States I can make you a custom battery to your specifications, PM me here or at Instagram.com/BlackFoxBoards (preferred method)

Not sure if I’ll even enjoy the board as this is my first one, so trying to keep it budget for now. Ill upgrade later if I do end up needing it, but that battery costs more than I paid for the entire board. Hoping someone might have upgraded to the 40t and I could buy their old one.

The Meepo V3 is a good board, it will be a lot of fun. What is your budget for the battery?

Edit: I can a 10s2p 30Q battery from all new parts for about $230 to $240 shipped depending where you are

Edit 2: wrong price, forgot to add labor cost

Mods can close. I found a battery.