[US] [WTB] Motor and wheel pulley assembly, 16t 8mm bore/ 36t 15mm wide or close

I am looking for a new motor and wheel pulley assembly with the specs near the ones listed in the title - doesn’t have to be exact. I am located in the US and would like to spend around $40 or less with shipping. PM or reply if have one to sell! Thanks!

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here is an entire kit with belts as well. ive used a half dozen of these in the past and they work great

Seems like a good deal. I looked at that before and forgot about it. might have to pull the trigger on those… trying to get something as soon as possible

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when i ordered them, the shipping only took about 8 days from the China to USA.

It really is the best deal i have found yet. even the belts are high quality.

one thing to note: the hole on the wheel pulley is to small for caliber trucks by about 2mm. i lightly filed down the trucks and solved it. It really is a small price to pay for such a cheap part. if you have access to a lathe you could easily fix it by boring the hole a bit wider