[US] WTB Now looking for a battery pack

Anyone has a pair of used sensored 63xx motors wanting to sell? Preferably low kv, around 200kv. Edit: Bought from @bignrichie. You guys can check him out, he has other motors to sell.

Edit 2: Now looking for a battery pack that fits the ownboard/wowgo/meepo enclosure. Can I fit a pack bigger than 10s2p in this enclosure? Or can I go with Lipo? Which way is cheaper? I ruined my pack and I’m broke af now so don’t want to spend too much. This is the ruined pack that I paid $130 for back in august. image

Motor mounts for which trucks?

Location? Yo. :thinking:

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Caliber 2/ TB 218 truck

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Oops sorry forgot to include. Location is USA

Updated post. Now looking for a battery pack…