[US WTB] Used 15 Ply HS11 or Holypro 35° deck

As the title says, I’m looking to buy a used trampa hs11 or holypro deck that’s preferrably 15 ply based on their flex chart and my weight.

I’m also willing to buy footstraps if they’re attached :slight_smile:

For shipping purposes, I live in northern California

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Oh man…

Either you saw my listing… Or you’re unlucky :sob::joy:

I know @Saturn_Corp has one :rofl:


Lol yeah :grin: I originally saw a listing a few days ago by @gogomrrobot with one but was late to that, then saw yours 1 hour after it was posted (again too late) so I figured I’d just try posting a WTB and see if this strategy might be better


Yea I missed out too