[US]WTS bustin sportster dual 6355

Hello all, im tossing around the idea of selling my board, nothing wrong with it. Im only considering selling to build a new experience.

bustin sportster

12s lipo

dual 6355

TB mounts (best kind)

16-36t 15mm kegel

flipsky dual 6.6


Riptide WFB bushings all around

might need a new remote, took a fall and now its permanently stuck on

not sure how pricing works on here, but im well aware of the part costs IMG_20190421_115432_262


Whats the condition of it? (any damage, how many miles, was it abused) I’m guessing $1300 new and it looks in good condition so maybe you’re looking at $1000 give or take for it plus shipping

Very nice looking build though, but you might wanna show whats under the enclosure too


Beautiful TB build


Not sure on the mileage, it was my commuter board. I was a pretty easy rider, cruising and carving was my focus. I rode it everyday i could, its just that fun. Ill upload some more pictures when i get the chance. Thanks for the kind words

Might want to update with location

Selling to US ONLY, located in Ames Iowa

Added your location to the title. Its annoying to click on a thread only to see its in the wrong country.


Whats the asking price for this board?

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How much, and what enclosure did you use?

Hey is the board still available, and what’s the asking price?