[US] (WTS) Custom Hi5ber Raptor Electric Build

Looking to sell one of my custom boards to make room for another. Less than 100 miles on this setup, will come with a 1.5A charger and I’ll guarantee it for 90 days (provided you don’t crash or retune it) and happy to help with any normal wear-n-tear issues as I build these a lot.

Based in Tampa, FL and prefer to meet if you’re local or close otherwise it’ll have to be shipped. And the screen shot showing the battery was just taken, very few cycles on it.

Hi5ber Raptor Carbon Fiber Deck (heavy duty) TorqueBoard Trucks 105mm Cloud Wheels 12s4p battery w/Samsung 30Q cells (50.4v, 80A cont, 12,000mAh) Charge only BMS (discharge is bypassed, not needed) Flipsky 4.2+ VESC w/integrated anti-spark Flipsky VX1 Remote w/battery monitor Flipsky BT – can connect to Apple for monitoring and android to adjust the tune with the VESCTool (though I suggest not touching anything but the throttle unless you are familiar with the programming). Dual Battle hardened Flipsky 6355 motors (brushless, hall sensors) TorqueBoard Adjustable Motor Mounts w/dual idlers (so it still rolls like a skateboard on or off) 3:1 belt drive (45t hub gear/15t motor gear)

Asking $1,800 for the board, remote and charger.


Dropped price to $1,600 OBO

$1300 and new pictures added!

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Scary battery but sweet build otherwise. What material did you use for the enclosure? You must teach me your ways :joy: GLWS man

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So you just troll the for sale forum and talk shit about anything you didn’t make? I appreciate the free bumps cause it’s helped me sell two boards so far but if you could stay in the peanut gallery I would appreciate it more!

I agree


Not what he meant. Your work is kinda off… he is right. Why is it welded at the center of the battery?

if any wire melts then whole pack is shorted

If you can’t take criticism don’t post pics :man_shrugging: I said it was a sweet build.


Balance leads shorting are one of the most common failures in a battery…

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Why is what welded at the center of the battery? Not sure what you mean?

Correct, with any battery if a wire or connection comes loose the whole pack would likely be shot unless you catch it right away… so I am not sure what you’re getting at? The balancing wires? I made it to run and fit where needed, wasn’t worried about how pretty it would be.

I agree, I’ve had two fail that way that were built by other members… but the issue was that the leads came off the individual pack because of a bad solder. If those balancing wires pull enough amp’s to melt then you’re clearly having issues with something other than the route you chose to run the balancing wires.

It’s more about compression and vibration wearing through the insulation.

So you’re making an assumption that the battery was put in the board as you see in that picture? You know what they say about assumptions right?

800.00. That battery though…

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Yes… why would you post it.

I have one of your boards,it sucks, so does dealing with you. It is broken in my garage as we speak. Battery range isn’t what you said, the remote drops pair constantly , the claims you made about power going up hills , well I should have known better you are in Florida, so your hill climbing claims I guess I could let slide. Your works sucks and you are rude to deal with. I would say perhaps it’s me, but I just discovered this thread, you are always this fun to deal with? Good luck with the sale buddy

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Also I’m dealing wit Ted, “the ref” for the first time as well. The difference in dealing with the 2 of you is night and day. I haven’t seen his work yet but , talking to him doesn’t scream DICK!!! So that’s a plus

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Welcome to Walmart. Being nice cost nothing but being a jerk can be expensive. Just be nice . Happy new year every body!!

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