[US][WTS]Evolve parts. Bms w/ battery, esc w/ r2 remote

Got a good 10ah battery w/ BMS, 148 charges- 250 Esc w/r2 remote- 150 board still assembled

If you are interested in selling only the bms I’m willing to take it off your hands; the original battery pack not being a good one even when new.

I’ll ponder that. What’s a stand alone bms going for

I went for a quick look on this forum; you can get a Bestech 80A for around 50 USD shipped; Usual price range is between 30 and 60 with the DieBieMS being the priciest at 120USD shipped but it is no normal BMS.

Evolve is a bit harder to get hands on so I’m willing to buy it at 50 without shipping. What do you think ?

By the way I’ve tried to sell my own battery pack in France and it just ended in scraps; I suggest that you don’t expect much from yours or you will likely be disappointed, their lifepo4 setup just being to much of a hassle (mostly due to its sag).

Where is this located?

Lolz are you going to scam that guy?

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Btw are you still looking for a 10s4p with evolve bms? I can sell you one

I actually pmed the guy to apologize about the lowball, I’ve asked the last guy that sold one about the price and kind of realize my own stupidity. Also I’ve decided to import mine from europe as it was a pain to source anyway

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The BMS/battery still for sale?

r2 remove still available?

Lol. Well my friend I think you’re a little late to the r2 party. They’re r6’s now.