USA Based VESC Repair Service

Hello everyone, I’m finally fully launching my repair service. I’ve recently purchased all new equipment and I have most every component for VESCs in stock. All prices include return shipping back to you and repairs take about a week from the day I receive them to show back up at your door! This may vary if you send me a VESC that looks like you tossed it in a fireplace or took it scubadiving. Feel free to PM me on here for an inquiry, or you can visit my website and fill out the contact form on there. Bulk discounts are available, and I’ll be running sales until the end of this month to hopefully pay off all of this new equipment. On all repairs you can pay after the repair is complete, and all items are shipped USPS priority (usually 3 days or less in continental US). You only have to contact me by the end of the month to get the sale price, as long as you ship your VESC out within 2 weeks or so I’ll honor the price!!

I appreciate everyone who participated in the free repair period. Feel free to contact me for any future repairs :wink: @jrpwit @Colson003 @ARetardedPillow @dotruongq @jbruce @barajabali @treenutter

Happy holidays to everyone! :christmas_tree: :gift:


Anyone who is interested in getting a repair done, comment below so I can get an idea of how many repairs I’ll be needing to do. Thanks!

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I have one old school enertion vesc I need to fix to make my girls board a dual

Do you know what hardware version it is?

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Pretty sure it’s a 4.12

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VÉSC recieved, good quality fixed , hi highly reccomended his work to others


Just wanted to hop on here and say that my FocBox repair from @ThermalM16 came back working “perfectly”… I’m still working out some settings so I don’t kill myself!


Hey @ThermalM16, i have 2 focboxes to have checked out. One had drv and mosfet replaced. The other just needs to be double checked… Please pm me for details on how/where to send, and availability. Thanks, Tony

My drv chip burned out and most likely one key

@seaborder is closer to Ireland, in DE; I think he does VESC repairs

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yes I can help you, post some pictures of the pcb so we can check if its fixable :slight_smile:

Uploading: 16137455917193389790863499154360.jpg…

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