USA/Canada Group buy again? POLL

Do we need to do another group buy for parts?

  • Yes, I’d be in for a group buy

  • No, I’m good with parts

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This is gonna become a full time job for you. Shows how much your willing to do for the community when you dont get any monies out of it.


I save too you know…so I do get something out of it


Are you talking another group buy for Enertion parts?


If it calls for it

But isn’t there a bulk discount on the R-Spec right now? If you buy a certain amount I believe you can get up to 10% off, not to mention its only $100 right now.

Group buys will save 10% and the shipping if you don’t have and order that qualifies…

Don’t know anything abt the sale

I don’t know much about it other than what I read in the forum post quickly… Personally I don’t really need an R-Spec, but people who are looking to buy one could benefit from it.

I’d be interested in getting a motor mount possibly, or a li-ion group buy. 18650 or 26650?

me and @Pablo_702 are discussing a battrery group buy…

i just need to finish up the current one…mailing out tomorrow and will shoot something out soon

Sounds good, I’d definitely want to get in on that :wink:

If you are doing a group buy from liionwholesale I would be happy to spear head it. I organized the last one and it went quite well. Not to mention they are an hour or two away.

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yeah you did excellent on that @JLabs! Is it time for one? Maybe a poll lol POLL CRAZY lol

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to be honest…in my group buy frenzy…I forgot to order something lol

Just starting my build so I would be interested in a battery group buy too

lol this is gonna be nuts lol

Are you and Pablo gonna do it? Or am I? I would just put another poll in your first post on this topic and update the title.

I am kind busy now with some HUGE things in the works, but im sure i could find time for the batteries.

PS. srotom (hint hint)

@Michaelinvegas for the sake of things, I think @JLabs should pick it up, save on shipping to the group buy organizer, but I don’t have a preference who hosts it.

Agreed… :wink:

I haven’t even looked around bud